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Income Tax Preparation

Outside the box 

Our nearly 50 years of income tax preparation experience allows us to give our customers a tailored service to fit their needs, rather than the "cookie cutter" approach offered elsewhere. 

Experienced/competent with -  Individual returns, as well as LLC’s, Partnerships, S-Corp’s, and C-Corp’s


We help businesses of all sizes with clients in many different industries including Agriculture, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, and Restaurant industries. 

Let us show you the Germack Financial difference Today!

Business Services 

Acheive your goals

For nearly 50 years we have been focused on helping our business clients throughout many different industries. Take advantage of one, or many of our services to help you focus on the tasks that will grow your business. 

Income Tax Preparation 

Payroll Services 


Financial Consulting 

Money Management 

What is your money doing? 

At Germack Financial we offer a wide array of money management tools to work with our clients to create a solid financial plan -based solely on individual circumstances, time horizons and risk tolerances.

IRA's - Traditional, ROTH, SEP, SIMPLE

Brokerage Accounts

Annuities – Variable, Fixed, FIA’s, and SPIA’s

Mutual Funds

529 Plans

Insurances - Life, Long term care

Retirement Planning 

Live today, Plan for tomorrow

We value client relationships . 

We take pride in being there for every client, helping them devise a road map for their retirement to help make all their dreams come true.

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