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From One Generation To The Next.

Germack Financial was established by Eddi Germack in the Village of Nunda, New York nearly 50 years ago. At this time the business was under the name of Germack's Tax and Bookkeeping being operated part-time from an office in the family's home. Throughout the income tax season, Eddi's office could be located by the line of her clients automobiles that filled the near by village street as they waited for her services!


As the business continued to grow and time passed Eddi's daughter Christina, joined the business. Christina has continued make the vision of the business reality. The business has scaled tremendously over the years under Christina's ownership starting with a new location into what Germack Financial is today. Now offering a vast array of financial services to our clients, while many of the same clients that visited Eddi over 45 years ago still visit our office today!

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